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Mexico imposes AD duty on seamless steel pipes from China China
 On February 24, Mexico's economy ministry announced the final decision in its antidumping (AD) investigation into seamless steel tubes/pipes from China. The products concerned are used in oil and gas pipelines, are of external diameters in a range of 5-16 inches, covered by HS codes 7304.19.02, 7304.19.99, 7304.39.06 and 7304.39.99.
Accordingly, an antidumping duty is to be levied on the steel pipe/tube imports in question that cost less than $1,772/mt, calculated as "the difference between the import price and the reference price," the economy ministry said in its statement. However, the tariffs are not to exceed 56 percent.
In May 2010, Mexico's economy ministry had found that Chinese seamless steel tubes/pipes, often used for oil and gas pipelines, were entering the country at below-market prices and were hurting the domestic industry. As a result, the Mexican authorities initiated an investigation to determine antidumping margins.
2011-6-20 21:36:14
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